Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Karma Kream

The end of the school year is always more than a little crazy. I went and spent two weeks training and observing at my new school. The children have finished now and I spent last week sorting out my new classroom. Anyway, now it's the holidays I'll have more time for blogging! I want to develop a habit so I can keep it up when school starts up again.

 Anyway. On to the subject of this post. Lush's Karma Kream. I hate writing the word Kream, it makes me feel like a Kardashian. This cream is a thick, white, moisturising body cream. As far as body lotions go it's not exactly unique.

But the smell. Oh my lord the smell. Words cannot describe the smell. Lush try when they claim this cream will "perfume [the skin] with orange, patchouli and pine". But this does not begin to do this scent justice. I'm not a fan of sickly, sweet things. Lush's Snow Fairy actually makes me gag. Karma Kream smells sophisticated, adult and intoxicating. It's not like anything I've smelled before.

 I'm incredibly lax when it comes to body moisturiser. But this cream makes me better at it purely because I want to sniff myself.

 Lush also have several other varieties of this scent, including a solid perfume (a post on this will be coming up soon), a spritzer perfume, a bubble bar, soap and something called Karma Komba which is a solid shampoo.  I can confidently say I will probably own all of them by the end of the year.

 Karma Kream is £12.95 for 225g.

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