Friday, 8 June 2012

Why come back?

So, I haven't blogged in a long long time. About 18 months. And before that it was very sporadic. So why come back? Well I still haven't lost my love of make up and beauty, and I still haven't lost my love of reading blogs. I read so many blogs, at least one a day.

But have just undertaken my PGCE, and to say that this year has been manic would be an understatement. And I've now fortunately gotten my first teaching job, in London, which is very exciting. However, I can already feel my work/life balance slipping out of control, and I haven't taken a photograph in a long time.

So blogging is starting to look like an appealing hobby. It will give me something that isn't related to school to focus on, and a way to be creative and take photos. So that seems like a good reason to come back to blogging, for me, for my own personal sanity. I'm not really interested in followers, or page views, or getting free things, or anything like that. I'll just be happy if I come out of my first year of teaching with as much enthusiasm as I have now!

 My first real post in ages will be coming up soon!


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    1. Hehe, thanks sweetie. You're partly to blame for it! <3